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Activity Events for Children and Young People

Activity Weekends for Children and Young People

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Wales Council for Deaf People aim to organise activity weekends for Deaf children and young people each year. This is an activity we believe in because of the benefits it brings to young people throughout Wales. We believe passionately that providing these opportunities is an important part of our work and we aim to continue to build on their successes and increase the range of opportunities we can offer.

Traditionally children that attend have reported that they have thoroughly enjoyed these weekends and it has an added bonus of teaching them new lifelong skills. Some of them have never been away from their parents and it allows them a chance to socialise with their peers and to develop their independence.

In the past volunteers with a background in education have given up their time freely to supervise the children on these weekends.

The children participate in a number of activities including raft building, canoeing, archery and it appears two of their favourite activities are the assault course and high ropes.  They seem to thoroughly enjoy getting themselves dirty!!!!!

Part of the weekend includes keeping their rooms clean and making their own lunch boxes, which encourages independence.

When the children have returned home many parents have made us aware that their children seem to have a greater sense of ownership and responsibility.

This is a wonderful weekend for children. Some children can be quite introverted and lacking in self-esteem and by working together in groups they develop interpersonal skills, gain confidence resulting in higher levels of self-esteem. They also work on individual projects which develop self-help skills. We believe these skills are essential to take with them throughout their adult lives.


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