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Communication Agency

Communication Services For Deaf People

Our efficient service can help facilitate communication between public service personnel and deaf/hard of hearing people.

Our Communication Agency has run for over 20 years covering all of Wales and we have a wealth of experience in this field.

Why would a Language Support Professional be needed?

The Equality and Human Rights Act makes it unlawful to discriminate against a disabled person for reasons of their disability. This means all public services must make reasonable adjustment to allow disabled people to use their services.

In the case of Deaf or hard of hearing people unless you already have in-house facilities for language support you will need to give some thought as to how your organisation can fulfill its obligations to the thousands of people in Wales who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

Agency serv

Wales Council For Deaf People can provide British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters, Lip speakers and Speech To Text Operatives to facilitate language support for Deaf and hard of hearing people.

24 hour communication support

Wales Council also run this agency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can help anytime of day, weekday or weekend.
If you would like to book our services out of hours then please phone or text – 07572023052

British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters

BSL is the first or preferred language of deaf people, and has been recognised as a language in its own right in Wales.

BSL interpreters have undergone many years of training and are able to provide the service needed to enable communication between Deaf and hearing people.

Lip Speakers

Some deaf and most hard of hearing people have spoken language as their first or preferred language. Communication can be via lipreading and spoken language. Lipreading can be quite difficult and is generally tiring. Lip speakers have been trained to a high level of ability to convey the spoken word so that it is understood by the Deaf or hard of hearing person.

Speech To Text Services

Some Deaf and hard of hearing people who use spoken language as their first or preferred language find lipreading too difficult at times and prefer to read the “spoken” word. Spoken language can be changed into text as   it is spoken by a Speech To Text Reporter using a special keyboard/screen set-up.


Band One – Standard

GPs, Hospital Appointments, Education, Audiology, Opticians, Dentists, Social Services (generic), Routine Business or Employment Meetings (including supervisions/appraisals/staff meetings etc, job interviews), CAB, Training (non specialist), Driving Lessons, Housing, Financial Advice (banks/building societies etc), Social Events, Self Funding (ie if the deaf person has to pay for themselves – this does not include bookings funded by ATW or any other forms of personal funding)

Band Two – Premium & Out of Hours 1

Driving Theory Tests, Disciplinary Hearings, Counselling, Therapy, Solicitors/Barristers, Mental Health (generic), Child Protection (generic), Magistrates or Civil Court, DLA Tribunals/Appeals, Short Notice Bookings (less than two working days), Early Morning & Evening Work (between 5pm-11pm & 6am-8am), Weekends (between 6am-11pm)

Band Three – Specialist & Out of Hours 2

Tribunals, High Court (eg appeals, Old Bailey, County Court, etc), Child Protection (investigation), Mental Health (investigation), Political Assemblies, High Profile Conferences, Theatre, Media/On-Screen Interpreting, Night Time (between 11pm & 6am), Bank Holidays.



Cancellation will be charged at half fee if cancelled within 14 days and full fee if cancelled within 7 days. If the communication support worker has to cancel the onus would be on them to find an alternate communication support worker unless a good reason could be given to the contrary. Cancellation fees are normally only payable after deduction of any similar fees the interpreter may receive as a result of finding alternative assignments.


To book an interpreter please  contact us.