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Director’s Message

Hello and welcome to our new website. At time of writing it is coming to the end of November and I have been in my new post for a little over one year now. With the launch of our new site I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about the WCDP as it is now, the changes we are making and how we would like to see the future of the WCDP evolve and take shape.

As the only truly Welsh national charity working on behalf of D/deaf people across Wales we have a great responsibility on our shoulders. It is of particular importance that we represent Welsh D/deaf people in a way which brings about improvements in the services they are offered and which they access as part of their daily lives. The wellbeing of our users is therefore our primary concern and we do this in a variety of ways.

Traditionally we have provided Communication services, helped set up and support Hard of Hearing groups across Wales, been heavily involved in lipreading training whether this be training people to deliver training or setting up groups where lipreading can be learnt and trained people to become lipspeakers. We also provide information on many topics related to Deafness and a bi-annual newsletter called “Tuned In” (if you would like a copy why not send us your email address and we will send it on to you).

So, that’s a brief overview of what we have traditionally provided but we intend to develop the charity in a number of exciting ways.

These include our new IT Suite which will provide IT training and job search opportunities for D/deaf people, the official opening of our Sensory garden in 2016, the provision of Sign Language and Sensory Awareness training along with many more initiatives which I will unveil as they unfold. We are also very excited about our new Sign Language App and our Information App.

It is our intention to build on our past achievements and become a centre of excellence setting standards of care and support which other organisations will seek to emulate.

Lastly could I mention that we are always looking for volunteers who feel they can offer us a level of commitment to help us achieve our aims, therefore we would be very happy for anyone to contact us if they would like to become involved in taking the WCDP forward with its development plans.

Take Care,