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Gwybodaeth a chyngor

We can help with any information and advice needed on Deafness and Hearing Loss………


  1. Volunteer Development & cymorth

Group start-up, continued support, information distribution, advice and advocacy.
Membership of Wales Council For Deaf People.

  1. Advice to the Public

Telephone Helpline, Information Booklet.

  1. Publications

The Volunteer Newsletter (tiwnio i fewn), Information Booklet, Volunteer Handbook, Codi Arian

Toolkit and Welsh Book of Sign.

  1. Hyfforddiant

Deaf Equality Training, Lipspeaking, Sign Language, Deaf Blind Communication,
Textphone Users.

5. Cymorth cyfarthrebu

Interpreter/Lipspeaker Agency, Liaison for Local Authority Classes, Tutor Development,
Examination Centre.

  1. Eiriolaeth

Access to Work, Local Health Board liaison, Benefits Advice, SEN Tribunal support.

  1. Campaigning

Access Development, Networking Development in Health, Education & Social Services.

  1. Children & Young People

Events and courses for personal development.

  1. Exhibitions & Publicity

Exhibition stands at appropriate events, self starting exhibitions, local community exhibitions.

  1. Facilities

Up-to-date training and conference facilities, equipment demonstrations.

  1. Equipment

Exhibitions of modern equipment, advice on choice and purchase. Information on suppliers.

  1. Representation

Community group members of WCDP are representatives on CHCs and other Welsh
Committees, representation on UK Committees, Membership of consultative committees at
local and national level.

For any information and/or advice, please do not hesitate to cysylltwch efo ni.