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Wales Council for Deaf people are involved in many innovative and exiting projects, some of which may be of interest to you. It may be that you would like to know more about a project so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or you may want to become involved with helping us on a particular project. If you do want to become involved our volunteer page will give you more information on ways in which you could do this.

Projects which we are currently involved in;

  1. Setting up Community Support Groups for hard of hearing people across Wales.


  1. Setting up Lipreading groups for those who are hard of hearing where people can come and learn how to Lipread.


  1. Organising Activity weekends for young D/deaf children. A great time is had by all and vital life skills are taught.


  1. Setting up Charity Shops across Wales.


  1. IT skills development and Employability Skills training.


This is a flavour of what we do but there are many similar projects which we run throughout the year. Read our Directors blog to keep yourselves updated on where WCDP is and where we are going in the future.