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We all need someone to help us stand up for ourselves at some time in our lives but some need that support more often than others. The Council believes passionately that Deaf and Hard of Hearing people have a “voice that should and needs to be heard” in matters that affect them and that they are given opportunities to express their views, feelings and opinions on an equal platform with other members of the community.

We are here to help and WANT to help!

We also understand that there are issues and situations which Deaf and Hard of Hearing people face on a daily basis which many of us could cope with. However, where communication problems are a barrier these issues and situations can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety.

We are here to help and WANT to help!

We campaign and represent Deaf and Hard of Hearing people across Wales working in partnership with many other organisations and the Welsh Government to address all issues relating to Deafness with the intention to bring about change in service provision.

If you have any issues and would like our support, our door is always open to you. Be assured that we will make it our business to do our very best for you. contact us.