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Sensory Awareness Training

Sensory loss is an umbrella term used to describe loss of sight and/or hearing.

People with sensory loss and especially culturally deaf people (British Sign Language users) rarely describe themselves as having a sensory impairment and are more likely to use the terms below.

There are three distinct groups within sensory loss:

  • Blind and partially sighted people

  • Deaf people

  • Deafblind people


People within each of these groups will have a range of very distinct needs which in turn vary from person to person. That said , the effects of the different types of sensory loss often impact people in very similar ways.

Our Sensory Loss Awareness training is primarily aimed at people likely to come into contact with people with sensory loss within their working lives. The aim being to improve their awareness of the difficulties and barriers people with sensory loss encounter interacting within unfamiliar environments where communication and other difficulties are often experienced.


Course Aim


To increase awareness of sensory loss issues and help delegates identify and make positive changes in their workplace


Course Objectives

Delegates will:

  • Be able to more effectively identify sensory loss in people they come into contact with

  • Become aware of the full range of sensory loss

  • Learn the appropriate terminology to use

  • Become more aware of the needs of people with  sensory loss

  • Be able to address sensory loss issues in the workplace with greater confidence

  • Communicate more effectively with those who have sensory loss

  • Develop a better awareness of the services available for people with sensory loss


Learning Outcomes

Participants will understand:-

  • Some of the causes of sensory loss

  • The use of effective communication tactics

  • Ways of ensuring information is accessible

  • Learn about helpful organisations, equipment, and websites, for those with sensory loss

  • Further training opportunities available for people who need more in-depth knowledge


This course is aimed at frontline staff whose work may involve assisting people with sensory loss, particularly those employed in social care and health.

Awareness makes people more attuned to the needs of clients/patients and more conscious of the adaptations most appropriate to introduce to facilitate easier access to services.

Deaf Awareness or Equality training focuses specifically on deaf and hard of hearing people and their needs. As with all training, we can adapt content to suit your specific organisational needs to ensure delegates fully understand the challenges users may be experiencing when they come into contact with your organisation.

For further information, please contact us.