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Sensory Garden – History

The Sensory Garden project started with the aim of providing a tranquil, safe space for people with Sensory Loss and local residents to meet, relax and enjoy the garden.

We invite people and organisations who would like to help with the project to visit the garden to see the work that has already been completed.

Before work started:

WCDP Garden (2) WCDP Garden (4)  WCDP Garden (6) WCDP Garden (7)

Thanks to funding from various grant makers, we are now nearing the final stage of the project – all the hard landscaping is now complete & we have transformed a formerly barren, unloved area into an attractive, functional & useful garden open to deaf and visually impaired children and adults, as well as other members of the community.

We now need to plant up the garden and buy furniture and garden benches etc. so people can make full use of the area, but we are fast running out of funds. We are currently seeking funding to purchase the items and are looking for donations and volunteers to help complete the project in time for a Grand opening & our 60th Anniversary celebrations!!

The garden as of now:





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