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Grŵpiau am yr anhawster o clywed

There are a number of social groups for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people throughout Wales providing advice and support for people who have hearing loss.

These volunteer-run organisations act as a community resource and watchdog for local services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. In a number of cases support groups provide direct services, particularly with regard to transporting people with hearing loss to ENT units and providing hearing aid advice service.

It has been shown that voluntary groups develop from a local need. It is the intention of Wales Council For Deaf People to respond to local needs anywhere in Wales and help local people form volunteer groups to help people with hearing disabilities.

Wales Council For Deaf People can provide finance, help and advice on setting up new groups, contacts, give continued support, and will help with funding applications if groups wish to apply for grants.

We also welcome enquiries about setting up new groups in areas not already served by an existing volunteer group.

For further information, please do not hesitate to cysylltwch efo ni.

Or to find a Group in your area, cliwich yma.