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What we do

The Council’s objectives are achieved in a variety of ways, it is involved in representation either alone or in co-operation with other organisations to obtain access and equality.

Community volunteer groups are set up and funded with the object of fulfilling a local need. These groups are immense importance to those that use it. Like minded individuals with an acquired hearing loss attend, share information and support one another. These groups are encouraged to be involved in local planning of services thus ensuring local requirements are met.

In the field of communication for people with hearing loss the Council is a major provider of training, running courses both in sign language, sensory awareness, lipspeaking and lipreading.

The Council run a freelance communication agency, encouraging user organisations to provide communication access for people with hearing loss.

We also organise and attend Exhibitions around Wales. Providing individuals with hearing loss the necessary information to help them lead more fulfilling and independent lives.