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Complaints Procedure


This procedure has been produced to simplify the response to a complaint from a service user, students, members of the public & other organisations about the services, activities & general responses by Wales Council for Deaf People, its Board members and staff.


  1. Where possible WCDP will deal with minor complaints immediately, where these can be rectified on the spot
  2. Complaints should be put in writing or video letter and addressed to the Director or if preferred, the Chairman of Wales Council for Deaf People
  3. On receiving a complaint an appropriate Officer will complete the ‘Complaints Form’
  4. The complaint will be acknowledged within 7 working days unless there is unavoidable delay, in which case the delay will be explained to the complainant
  5. An investigation into the complaint will be carried out by an appropriate person
  6. The findings of the investigation will be submitted to the Chairman and/or the Board of Trustees for comment and action
  7. The decision of the Board will be notified to the complainant within 28 days unless an unavoidable delay occurs, which will be explained to the complainant
  8. Complainants who are not satisfied with the response to their complaint would be allowed to ask for a reassessment
  9. Reassessment could include any appropriate person whom the Board believe is suitable to reassess their decision as they see fit
  10. WCDP will keep a record of all complaints and consider feedback from complaints for continuous improvement