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Welsh book of sign

Wales Council for Deaf People is the only organisation to produce a Welsh Book of Sign Language in both English and Welsh.


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Published exclusively by Wales Council For Deaf People, the Welsh Book Of Sign is invaluable for anyone who wishes to learn sign language.

Available in both A4 and A5 (handbag size) in English & Welsh versions, the book is full of carefully hand drawn pictures and explanations of the signs most commonly used in Wales.

Get your copy now and open the door to this fascinating manual language which Deaf people use naturally.

The Welsh Book of Sign costs just £16 for A4 size (plus p&p) and £11.00 (plus p&p) for A5 size, that fits nicely into your handbag!

To order your copy of the WBS, please email or call us

We now have the Welsh Book of Sign book as an App ‘Sign Language Wales’ available on Google play store. Click here for further details.